3 tips to manage your professional life when your personal life takes over

Your young hockey prodigy attains AAA level hockey? Do you dream of going back to school or completing a certification? Thirty is coming, and a trip to Asia would be appropriate to highlight this passage? An animal shelter in Africa is looking for volunteers? How to manage your professional life when you decide to prioritize your personal life for a moment?


An exciting project usually comes with a little guilt and stress. Give yourself winning conditions to take full advantage of the present moment and not to feel torn because you feel needed in the clinic. We often think of our colleagues who compensate for our absence. Still, you deserve your time.


Explain to your employer and co-workers about this project that lives in your home. They will be more empathetic and will probably become supporters. We all need to revitalize or reinvent ourselves at some point. Better to realize your dreams than to live with regrets – that has a high potential to lead to depression and exhaustion.


For your own peace of mind, plan ahead: tell your employer and colleagues so they have time to redistribute your work and find support. A few weeks notice is not enough because you will have a rushed departure that will leave your colleagues with a bitter taste as well as leaving you feeling stressed.


This old strategy is full of wisdom! When we feel guilty, we have the annoying tendency to try to save “goat and cabbage”. We propose a compromise where nobody is a winner; we promise a shorter stay or keep 1 to 2 shifts, although we know very well that this is not realistic.

Better stick to your plan and even overstate the time required for the project. It is better to suspend your professional activities while you find your routine. You will be able to do replacements if you feel the need and your employer does not have a job for you (we anticipate a shortage in the profession for the next 10 years, hard to believe that you will have nothing to do!). Nobody will be disappointed, and the chances are that you will enjoy more of your personal life.

Oxilia becomes an ideal partner during these interludes, as much for the veterinary owners as for the employees who are absent. Whether you have a few days or even months to devote, locally or to the other end of the country, we have a challenge adapted to your reality!

Do not forget :
You determine your hourly rate.
You choose the mandates that interest you.
You have no non-compete clause.

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