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1 December 2021

Best Practices for Relief Veterinarian in Larger Vet Organizations

Are you a relief veterinarian preparing to join a larger organization? Here’s how to get off to a galloping start.   Navigating a large veterinary…

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22 July 2021

The Top 5 Tax Concepts to Know to Be a Self-Employed Veterinarian in Canada

The Top 5 Tax Concepts to Know to Be a Self-Employed Veterinarian in Canada As a self-employed veterinarian, you will enjoy a host of benefits,…

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Veterinary and RVT Jobs in Quebec, Canada

Considering a career as a veterinarian in Quebec, Canada? Wondering how much you’ll make? Whether you’re interested in full-time or locum work, we’ll help you…

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13 January 2021

Headhunters or Oxilia: which recruitment strategy suits you best?

Veterinary recruitment: headhunter or Oxilia? Recruitment is a major issue for veterinary clinics. Candidates are sometimes recruited even before they leave university, given the numerous…

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11 January 2021

What are the signs that it’s time to quit your job? | Oxilia

What are the signs that it’s time to quit your job? Occasionally, it’s normal to be less excited about getting up to go to work….

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8 January 2021

How do you regain control over your veterinary career? | Oxilia

Taking charge of your veterinary career is not impossible. Working in veterinary medicine is no easy task. The hours are demanding, the situations are infinite,…

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4 January 2021

How much does an unfilled position cost your veterinary clinic? | Oxilia

A vacancy in your clinic can cost you much more than you can imagine! Finding qualified personnel in the veterinary field is a really difficult…

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12 November 2020

Nomadic Veterinarian: Work while travelling! | Oxilia

Work while travelling using Oxilia You’ve definitely heard a colleague, friend or family member say that they wish they could forget about everything and just…

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11 November 2020

How to find the ideal employee with Oxilia?

Can you hire the ideal employee online using Oxilia? Majority of the veterinary clinics encounter difficulties when hiring or looking for temporary staff. Finding the…

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10 November 2020

Optimize the management of your clinic’s schedules | Oxilia

Get rid of the frustrations that come with managing a veterinary clinic’s schedule Managing the schedule of a veterinary clinic while trying to satisfy everyone…

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