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7 October 2019

5 important questions to find the right employer

Taking the leap and finding a new workplace is a source of stress for the majority of people. That means leaving our “old slippers” to…

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23 September 2019

Mind your own business!

What a bad title! You do not even know why you clicked on the link. By pure curiosity probably. This is in contrast to the…

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9 September 2019

Recruiting long-term employees without breaking the bank

The lack of personnel is a flagrant issue in the majority of veterinary establishments. This is an advantage for the animal health professionals because they…

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3 June 2019

Why Your Self-Employed Hourly Rate Must Be Higher Than the Average Employee

Self-Employed Status Comes with Perks and Financial Duties! When it is time to put a value on your work and what to ask for in…

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2 June 2019

10 Financial-Free Ways to Reward Your Employees

Studies show that it isn’t just salary that keeps employees showing up for work every day.   When scouting veterinary and RVT job openings, we…

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1 June 2019

Burnout and Veterinary Practice Owners: Do You Know the Short and Long Term Effects?

How a Bump in the Road Can Impact the Value of Your Practice. Signs and Symptoms of Occupational Burnout Veterinary clinic owners are the pillars…

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31 May 2019

Clinic Owner: Leave Your Practice Behind While You Travel Worry-Free

Planning is key in order to enjoy your time off There’s an old quotethatsays, “Plan for the worstandhope for the best”. This quote is basically…

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30 May 2019

Tips to Become the Perfect Locum and Increase Your Value!

How to Become the Most Sought After Locum In The Area Being a popular locum is both fun and rewarding!  More importantly, having a reputation…

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29 May 2019

Three Locum Success Stories

Which profile could be yours?   Oxilia is an animal health professionals’ community where the human resource needs of businesses are met by linking to…

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28 May 2019

Missing veterinarian – Missed opportunities

It’s on everyone’s lips right now in North America: there is a serious staff shortage problem in the animal health industry in terms of veterinarians…

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