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Is it possible to find the ideal job in the veterinary clinic of your dreams?

Finding the ideal job is often a quest that may seem impossible. Even an exciting career can have its disadvantages: lack of motivation, working hours that are incompatible with your lifestyle, work environment that does not reflect your values, difficult colleagues, etc.

How do you find the workplace that really clicks with your personality?

And what exactly is your dream job?

Why is it so important to be passionate about your work?

Not everyone has the same ambitions or the same dream job. For some, a routine job in a veterinary clinic in a village is the ideal job. For others, it is travelling from one clinic to another on temporary assignments and meeting lots of people in the process. The important thing is to find what interests you the most. The more motivated you are by your job, the more your career will help you realize your full potential. Being happy at work is not a luxury; we spend a third of our lives working, so it’s better if we enjoy what we do!

What if we tell you that with Oxilia, you can choose your job, your salary, your workplace and your employer? Even better, what if you can do all this without having to sacrifice your happiness? Through our platform, we want to give you control over your career and the choices you need to make to find your dream job. To achieve this, our recruitment platform offers you the opportunity to discover a number of clinics, view their profiles and meet your future employers. You can manage your career on your own terms.

Travel? Settle comfortably in a city where you can start your family? Join diverse teams temporarily to learn more about your job and discover new practices? No matter what your dream job entails, the important thing is you can choose what makes you happy at work while making a good living.

It’s true that this freedom to choose your career and to have full control over it is not necessarily the conventional vision for a career. However, it is the choice that many freelancers, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs make every day, in almost every profession. They’re in control of their careers; they choose their clients and their work conditions.

Where to start?

The first step is simple. Tell yourself that you can do it. Don’t be afraid to say “no” to an offer that does not meet your expectations, that won’t help you reach your financial goals or is in a city that you don’t wish to live in. By giving yourself the freedom to say no, you will be in the necessary mental space to make a well-reasoned decision that reflects your values and expectations.

Everyone requires money to live. However, don’t accept a job that is bound to make you unhappy without giving yourself the opportunity to look for one that will fulfill your expectations.

What are you passionate about?

Passion is simply a combination of what motivates you and what interests you; it is what drove you to want to take care of animals, the animals that you dreamed of working with when you were younger, the place where you imagined yourself when you were studying.

Do you want a full-time employment at a specific clinic? Would you rather travel to work in different clinics in different places from time to time? Are you looking to make a career in a local clinic or do you wish to become a specialist who works in different clinics?

Think about all of these before you start looking. If necessary, don’t hesitate to take psychometric tests such as “16 personalities” to rediscover who you are!

Why don’t you rewind a bit?

Your passion for animals is probably not from yesterday. When you were younger, you perhaps dreamed of taking care of Fido or helping a kitty with its hairballs. Diving back into your childhood dreams can help you find what you’re really passionate about.

Another good way to become aware of your interests is to explore your browsing history. What kind of articles have you been reading recently? What are the most common topics in your history? What kind of clinics have you been looking at lately?

Rediscover the topics that excite you, the news in your profession that has impressed you. Has a clinic announced a project that you find exhilarating? Has a story about a veterinarian shared on social media piqued your interest? Why?

By identifying the topics, stories and anecdotes that have caught your interest recently, you will be inspired to find profiles of clinics that represent your interests. If a clinic that you follow has shared a project, a success story or a story that inspires you, our search tool will help you find clinics with similar profiles across Canada.

The aim, above all, is to make you realise what gets you excited about work. Salary and logistics should not influence you at this stage.

Where has your journey taken you so far?

What made you become part of the animal health community? Why did you choose the jobs that brought you into this field? What was the nature of the roles that you were assigned?

Don’t consider the paid jobs alone. Voluntary work at animal shelters, your involvement in school and your participation in the animal support groups can guide you down the path to your dream job.

It’s a good idea to create a table with all your work experiences, volunteer work and involvement as a student. For each experience, write down the tasks that encouraged you the most, the relationship between you and your colleagues, the prevailing work atmosphere and the accomplishments that made you very proud. Then write down what you disliked or frustrated you. Be as specific as possible.

Now, take a step back and look objectively at the table to find the recurring themes and clues that will help you identify the work environment and responsibilities that excite you the most.

Find the clinics that meet your expectations

Finding the perfect job also entails figuring out several things that have nothing to do with your passion:

  • Are you ready to move?
  • What are you willing to sacrifice? Money, locality, clients, types of animals you care for?
  • What kind of clients do you want to work with?
  • What kind of responsibilities/duties are you looking for?
  • Which animals do you want to care for?
  • Do you plan to specialize?
  • Do you wish to work with pets, livestock, organic farms or producers?
  • What are the values you are looking for in your employer? (Excellence, collaboration, community involvement)

At Oxilia, we want to help you find the perfect match between your interests, motivation and the real offers available on the market. We connect you with clinics with diverse profiles, situated across North America. You will have the opportunity to see what each clinic has to offer before accepting such an offer or accepting a proposal.

Remember that no matter what your dream job is, there is a clinic, hospital or laboratory that is looking for someone with exactly your profile.

Is it normal to have more than one dream career?

In the modern job market, you’re no longer confined to pursue a single career. Veterinarians today travel and discover many opportunities that the profession simply did not offer in the past. Gone are the days when you had to work 20 years in the same clinic out of loyalty towards your employer! You can approach your career in multiple ways and change your priorities along the way.

Oxilia wants to help you discover your path, achieve your ambitions and choose the career that will allow you to fully realize your potential. Once you have identified your dream job, our job is to help you find it!

Quit perceiving your career in traditional ways and explore the job offers that are waiting for you on our platform.