Finding your dream employer!

Locum or permanent employee? We’ve got you covered.

Let’s be real. Your work team and your boss’s attitude are the 2 biggest reasons why you either love… or hate your job! Working 40 hours a week in an environment that does not fit with your values can be taxing.

Oxilia offers many advantages when you want to change jobs without necessarily doing full-time replacement. Why should you do replacement work while you are looking for a stable team to establish your new self? It is certainly more careful to test the waters in different work environments before committing to one. It can help you determine what you like and what you don’t like in order to choose your new employer wisely.

Doing various work mandates is the best way to test if a certain work environment suits you without having to do long interviews and without the stress of having to negotiate your hourly rate.

Isn’t it frustrating to find out that a job doesn’t suit you after all the energy you put into your job searching process? What a disappointment to realize that you had a wrong perception of the job or that some promises were broken!

Oxilia offers you the opportunity to do various replacement mandates in order to find THE perfect permanent job that suits you! When you work 3 months in a practice, you have the opportunity to convert your contract in order to become a permanent employee!

Either to simply find replacement opportunities or find a new permanent job, we are going to help you at Oxilia!


Do not forget :

You determine your hourly rate.

You choose the mandates that interest you.

You have no non-compete clause.


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