How do you regain control over your veterinary career? | Oxilia

Taking charge of your veterinary career is not impossible.

Working in veterinary medicine is no easy task. The hours are demanding, the situations are infinite, the tasks are as diverse as they are complex. You have to manage the clinic, take care of patients and accompany their owners. Unfortunately, it is very easy to forget about yourself in your many responsibilities and get lost in your work.

At Oxilia, we understand all too well the situation experienced by veterinarians and animal health technicians. We experienced it too! It is by wishing to transform our own career that we created the Oxilia platform. More than a simple job search tool, it is a solution to help professionals in our field have better control over their careers.

Work to live or live to work?

It is not always easy to separate work from our daily lives. The two are increasingly intertwined, especially as work plays such a significant role in our lives. Employers are demanding and expect you to devote yourself to your job. But overemphasizing your job responsibilities while neglecting your well-being is the best way to develop significant anxiety disorders and compassion fatigue.

Today’s professionals want more control over their careers. Young veterinarians coming out of universities want more autonomy in managing their schedules, as well as quality time to relax. It is no coincidence that professionals have been changing jobs so often in recent years. When working conditions no longer suit them, they do not hesitate to prioritize their quality of life and professional development.

Some clinics have adapted well to this reality and offer their employees the perfect opportunity to work irregular hours. These clinics are no longer necessarily looking for an employee who will be loyal for the next 30 years. Rather, they assume that staff turnover may represent an opportunity to fill their clinics’ schedules by relying on passionate professionals, who are available when needed, to take care of the animals and welcome their owners.

Full-time jobs are of course always necessary! However, these clinics are open to welcome temporary workers to fill their schedules and support the permanent team.

It is therefore no longer a matter of “living to work”. On the contrary, Oxilia provides you with tools so that you can earn your living by working at your own pace, according to your conditions, in clinics that share the same values as you.

Showcase your expertise while travelling

By getting in touch with clinics that are looking for candidates like you, you will have much better control over your schedule, working conditions and lifestyle.

Travelling, for example, is one of the most common career aspirations today. But for many, it is an impossible dream. Family is often raised as a concern, as well as financial insecurity. With Oxilia, adopting a nomadic lifestyle is not only possible, it’s easy.

Oxilia’s platform puts you in touch with clinics across Canada. These clinics are often looking for veterinarians and animal health technicians for temporary engagements, replacements or to step in for holidays. It’s a great opportunity to earn while discovering the country! All you have to do is apply to these clinics and manage your schedule according to your availability. Oxilia will manage your remuneration and your employment contracts with employers.

Explore different clinics before making a decision

To take control of your career, you obviously need to know what you want to do with it.

Exploring the job opportunities offered by different clinics is a good way to gain a better understanding of what you want to achieve in your career. Before committing yourself full-time with an employer, it is now possible to work as a replacement in clinics in different capacities. This way, you will have a better idea of the types of clientele with whom you prefer to work, the teams with whom you feel you collaborate best, the ambiances of the clinics where you perform best, and so on.

In addition, accumulating diverse work experience can be extremely rewarding! You are not confined to one role and routine. You explore many of them in order to understand what will be expected of you later on. This allows you to develop a great deal of flexibility and to add several strings to your bow!

Work in your speciality

Would you like to work more in your speciality, but your current assignments take you away from it too often? If you’ve invested so many years of study in your specialization, it’s only natural that you would want to take on responsibilities that call on your skills.

What if it were possible to choose jobs that allow you to choose your tasks and the type of cases you will have to handle? With our virtual recruitment platform, you have the opportunity to choose jobs in veterinary clinics, laboratories or hospitals that offer you golden opportunities to put your expertise to good use by performing specific tasks or working with a specific clientele.  Whether you studied surgery, cardiology, dermatology, dentistry or another veterinary speciality, you will be able to connect with employers who need your talents and skills.

All you have to do is create your profile on the platform to clearly indicate your expectations to employers and search for jobs among the thousands that are available on the platform. This way, you can direct your career in your own way, by choosing your assignments, tasks and employers.

Choose your career with Oxilia

The strength of our platform lies in the great freedom of choice it offers you. Whether you want to work in a local clinic, with large-scale agricultural producers or in a recognized veterinary hospital, our platform gives you the tools to achieve your ambitions.

  • Creating a profile that is easy to spot by employers with whom you would like to work
  • Easy-to-use job search tool to find jobs across America
  • Platform for communication to discuss with employers
  • Payroll and contract management service provided by the Oxilia team
  • Resources to guide you in your job search and your professional endeavours

You, therefore, do not have to resign yourself to a job in the first clinic that opens its doors if the responsibilities offered do not meet your expectations. You can dare to dream of jobs that meet your professional objectives. The choices you will have to make may require certain sacrifices, such as working in other cities or switching to different employers more frequently than your colleagues, but you won’t have to sacrifice your financial security or your career goals. Oxilia offers you the opportunity to manage your career trajectory in your own way.

Contact our team to find out how Oxilia can support you in your career!