How to find the ideal employee with Oxilia?

Can you hire the ideal employee online using Oxilia?

Majority of the veterinary clinics encounter difficulties when hiring or looking for temporary staff. Finding the right person for the right job is not always easy, especially when veterinarians and animal health technicians are rightfully looking for a better balance between their careers and their personal lives. Many even choose to include travel as part of their lifestyle and earn a living at the same time.

So, how do you find the perfect replacement or the temporary worker to complete your team? You can of course use classifieds, traditional networks and post an offer in your social media accounts. You will then receive applications that you will have to filter by analyzing the CVs and conducting numerous interviews. The time and money spent on hiring a new candidate, even for a temporary position, can be enormous for a veterinary clinic, even without taking into account the fact that classifieds and employment sites can cost a fortune, without yielding any successful results.

Oxilia offers you a more creative, humane and optimal approach to find veterinarians, animal health technicians and support staff that will meet all of your requirements.

5 steps to find the ideal candidate for your veterinary clinic

1 : Before anything else, clearly establish your profile on Oxilia

To find the right person, they must be first able to get acquainted with you. Once you create the profile of your veterinary clinic on Oxilia, it becomes accessible to the job seekers using the platform. By carefully specifying the nature of the services that you offer, the values that motivate you and the issues that your veterinary clinic confronts, you allow the candidates to quickly understand who they’re dealing with. It’s the same principle as in marketing – it’s not about reaching everyone but the right one!

If a candidate identifies with your clinic’s profile, they will be more motivated to send you an application. The chances that they will quickly and positively integrate into your team are also much greater, even if it’s for a temporary position.

You can create your profile in minutes. It saves you a lot of time by allowing candidates to see if they’ll be perfect for your team. You also eliminate the risk of receiving proposals from those that do not meet your clinic’s values and requirements.

2 : Display precisely what you are looking for

Once you’ve created your profile, Oxilia offers you the tool to post job offers. Whether it’s a full-time position, a temporary replacement or a vacancy to be filled, you can specify what you’re looking for accurately.

You will have the opportunity to post dates, shifts, salaries, work location, as well as the type of job offered and the responsibilities you wish to assign to the candidates. The more accurate and complete your offer is, the easier it will be for ideal candidates to find your offer. Candidates have access to a search tool similar to the one used by clinics, which helps in identifying “perfect matches” between clinics and workers.

Once your offer is posted on the platform, you will be able to start receiving applications from veterinarians, support staff or technicians depending on what you are looking for.

3 : Seek – and find – the rare gem

Would you like to be more proactive in your search for the perfect candidate? Oxilia’s search engine gives you the freedom to do just that.

This is not just a traditional employment listing where workers go to look at available jobs. You can also consult the profiles of veterinarians, technicians and animal health workers registered on the platform.

The tool allows you to look for available candidates when you need them and for the positions you are looking to fill. To ensure that you contact the right people, it allows you to easily sort and filter the numerous candidates available on the platform; this way, you can target specific profiles that meet your clinic’s requirements.

It’s a more efficient and proactive way to find candidates looking for clinics like yours by optimizing the time you spend searching and interviewing them.

4 : Meet the shortlisted candidates

Finding the right person for the right job is obviously not achieved using only an algorithm and a search tool. Human relationships are essential, even when using a virtual recruitment platform.

Oxilia offers instant messaging tools, which are as easy to use as Messenger, Zoom or Skype. On the platform, you can discuss with the animal health professionals that you’re interested in and conduct interviews without any additional tool. Scheduling an appointment is very simple and your time will be spent on meeting your candidates, instead of learning to use new tools.

5 : Send an offer, without having to manage the details

Once you’ve found your candidate, we want it to be easy for you to keep them. That’s why Oxilia takes care of employment contracts and payment of fees. Our goal is to make you quickly get into action by reducing the administrative delays that can slow down your clinic’s operations.

To learn more about the support offered by Oxilia for the management of employment contracts and the payment of fees, visit the page on services offered to veterinary clinics and establishments!

Create a perfect match between your team and your clinic

Whether it is the recruitment of a new employee or a temporary replacement, at Oxilia, we want to make your human resources management efficient and simple. Thanks to our algorithm and the search options of the veterinary recruitment platform we have designed, you will have everything you need to find and recruit the ideal person to join your team. Finding a specialist, a veterinary surgeon, a veterinary assistant or an animal health technician takes only a few moments after you register on the platform. What’s more, our processing fees are one of the lowest in the industry.

Finding a candidate that perfectly fits in with your clinic’s values and practices is not easy. Resumes, classified ads and even traditional interviews don’t always lead to an employee who will check all the boxes. With Oxilia, you will have access to additional information to increase your chances of finding the perfect match.

Stop wasting valuable time and money posting offers on general platforms. Switch to our customized solution for veterinary professionals and clinics! Contact our team to learn more about what our virtual recruitment platform has to offer your veterinary clinic.