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Get rid of the frustrations that come with managing a veterinary clinic’s schedule

Managing the schedule of a veterinary clinic while trying to satisfy everyone can be a real headache. All the managers aspire to achieve a perfect balance between the needs of the clinic, budget and expectations of the staff.

However, this balance is not always easy to achieve. There is always an unforeseen event, an accident or a conflict that disrupts even the best plans.

This is where Oxilia can come in handy. More than a recruitment platform for animal health professionals, it’s a time-management tool that gives managers greater flexibility. We create “perfect matches” between clinics and animal health professionals, reducing the time spent on traditional methods of recruitment and human resource management.

A time-management tool that meets the demands of modern life

In the veterinary world, just like anywhere else, the professionals wish for more and more flexibility in their schedules and more control over their work. Four-day work weeks, part-time opportunity, mobility and many other relatively recent trends in the job market have forced managers to deal with the different expectations of different professionals.

It’s difficult today to create a concrete schedule that doesn’t change from one day to the next. Managing schedules can cause conflict between employees because of generational differences (“We didn’t accept that before.”) or even because of a sense of injustice (“He took one more day off!”).

Are you  able to satisfy a new generation of veterinarians?

Modern life forces us to rethink the traditional work model: working from Monday to Friday, negotiating with others to find a suitable time to take a vacation, working only one job, being loyal to only one employer…

Even if this model is still appreciated in the market, it’s undergoing transformation. The new generation of animal health professionals is no stranger to this. From “mere employees” , veterinarians are increasingly becoming entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs, who are looking to broaden the horizons of their daily routine by travelling, contributing to projects that are close to their hearts and growing in line with their affinities and preferences. They are looking for the ideal employer, just like managers are looking for the perfect candidate that meets their requirements.

It’s also a generation that wishes to spend more quality time with their families, doing activities that they enjoy. A balance between time spent at work and time devoted to their personal life is often an unavoidable priority now.

To meet the expectations of the new generation of veterinarians, the clinics must adapt. Oxilia offers the dream opportunity to managers to reduce any frustrations by giving more freedom to professionals and greater flexibility to clinics.

What if you had more freedom to manage holidays and replacements?

Finding a job that allows time for oneself is an important concern for employees. For managers, it can turn into a big headache. How do you satisfy the needs of the employees without sacrificing customer service? How do you find a replacement quickly to meet the requirements while respecting the clinic’s budget? Has one of your veterinarians taken a day off? One of your technicians wishes to take a holiday? Animals that come in to be treated won’t wait for their return and their owners will become impatient if their four-legged companion does not get treatment immediately!

Finding the right candidate from the directories will definitely take a lot of time. Time that you may not have, especially for uncertain results. Also, people don’t often register in these directories to find temporary jobs or to fill in vacancies.

The right person at the right time

Fortunately, Oxilia can help you find the right candidate within a very short span of time.  Veterinarians can create their profile on the platform (free of charge) and post their availability, requirements, salary expectations and the type of job they’re looking for.  Thanks to the platform’s algorithm, clinics can find a host of qualified and interested candidates to fill in for a veterinarian or a technician as long as necessary.

For managers, finding a competent replacement who is fully committed to the success of the clinic can be achieved in a matter of hours, rather than days or even weeks. The platform offers immediate access to a multitude of candidates’ profiles who are highly likely to meet the requirements of the clinic, irrespective of whether it’s for a position that needs to be quickly filled in or for a short duration.

By having the resources to replace them quickly, your employees will have the freedom to plan their vacation and also avoid any potential conflict within the clinic. In case of sick leave, your employees can take the necessary and well-deserved leave without feeling that they’re imposing their workload on their colleagues.

Manage schedules more efficiently

Have you ever had to turn away your patients because your team was already swamped? Overburdening veterinarians during times of high demand can lead to other problems such as prolonged vacations or exhaustion that cannot really be foreseen.

Hiring a full-time employee to avoid this kind of unfortunate situation can also engender other problems for the clinic. What will happen when the demand returns to normal? Can you guarantee stability to your new employee?

The community of veterinarians and animal health professionals registered on Oxilia is not always looking for a full-time position. In fact, many of them are looking for temporary opportunities, to respond to ad hoc requirements and to participate in projects or fixed-term contracts.

The clinic managers thus have access to professionals that are looking for exactly this type of work to fill in their schedules. You no longer need to overburden the veterinarians or anxiously anticipate the hectic period. You have a host of candidates at your disposal ready to temporarily join your team. By having access to the salary expectations of the veterinarians and technicians, you will be able to meet the needs of your clinic while also respecting the budgetary constraints.

Further, if the candidate fits in perfectly with your team and meets all your expectations, you can offer him or her a permanent job!

Reduce your staffing expense

The process of finding professionals and veterinarians, conducting interviews and onboarding them involves investing a significant amount of time, money and energy, especially if you’re looking through the usual networks – waiting for CVs or creating an ad; it’s also likely that they don’t meet your clinic’s needs and expectations. The process can be protracted and if you’re disappointed, you’ll have to start your search from scratch.

Since the profiles of candidates available on our platform are sorted and filtered based on certain criteria, managers can use it to find the perfect candidates for their requirements. Obviously, you need to be able to communicate with the candidate before offering them work, but this too is facilitated through the platform. Oxilia’s tool allows you to directly discuss with the candidates that fit your requirements, thanks to the real-time discussion module.

What’s more, Oxilia takes care of managing the fee and contract. You can concentrate on interviewing the candidates that you’re interested in, without worrying about the formalities that come with hiring a new employee. If the chemistry between the clinic and the candidate is good, it will prove to be an inexpensive way to recruit a veterinarian or technician in the long run.

Choose to have more flexibility with Oxilia

It takes a lot of time to manage work schedules. Oxilia helps you reduce the enormity of this task by creating opportunities for clinics and animal health professionals. It doesn’t matter if it’s about filling a part-time position, recruiting new veterinarians or finding a replacement for a veterinarian during their vacation, Oxilia acts as a connector and facilitator. You will be able to find the right person to join your team quickly and in the opportune moment, without having to scour through numerous listings. You will quickly be put in touch with the right person to meet your clinic’s exact requirements on time.

By adopting this more flexible way of managing schedules, you will be able to satisfy both staffing requirements and the expectations of the new generation of animal health professionals. This will give you more leeway to meet the needs of your clients and that of your four-legged patients.

To know more about how Oxilia works and the user fees, contact our team and discover all the privileges that we offer to clinics!