Oxilia’s DNA

Oxilia, locum community 

Oxilia is a community regrouping veterinarians, veterinary technicians and students who dedicate their hearts to animal care and who value a happy working environment. Many people have asked us the meaning of Oxilia and where the willing to create this community came from. In an effort to inform you more on the foundations of Oxilia and to keep you up to date on the animal care world, it is a pleasure to present you the first article of a blog article series that will be published on our platform monthly. To begin, what’s better than to tell you about our DNA.

Oxilia’s DNA

Born from an entrepreneurial passion and a desire to make the profession evolve, Oxilia has been created by two veterinary doctorate students, François Asselin and Jean-Simon Richard. It is based on common values such as mutual aid, freedom and simplicity that the Oxilia community was founded in 2017.

The mission of Oxilia

Oxilia has the objective of connecting freely the professionals and institutions of the veterinary field across Canada in order to guarantee a better service to the customers and their pets. In order to do so, a user-friendly platform has been created. To do locum work or ask for a professional has never been this easy! Just connect online, create your profile and depending in what you’re looking for, you can either submit for job offers or go through the potential candidates for your offer.

Meaning of Oxilia

Rooting from the latin word Auxilia that means help, rescue and assistance, Oxilia was the name given to Roman army troops assigned to rescue and support the legions. Oxilia therefore strives to help clinics, hospitals and other veterinary institutions all around the country in giving them a window of contact with animal health professionals. Together, we are equipped to face the staff shortage of the veterinary field while participating in the well-being and good care of a larger number of animals.

Join the Oxilia community

A community there to be a partner in your career growth or your company’s development.


  • You want new challenges?
  • You want to gain experiences from different veterinary institutions?
  • You are looking for a first experience?
  • You would like to fulfill a position within a team?
  • You need to find replacement for a maternity leave?
  • You are faced with one of your employees’ extended absence?
  • You are apprehensive of the holidays your employees plan to have?


Does one or more of those questions ring a bell? If so, we would like to invite you to join to the Oxilia community through a simple and quick form. Just choose whether you are a clinic or a professional and go through the profile questions. Then you will have access to the platform and will be able to browse through and if you want to, submit for an offer or create one, accordingly. You need more information on how Oxilia works? We invite you to look up our Terms of serviceas well as our Privacy policy.

Oxilia has been created for you by professionals just like you. Together, we are building a community with the mission of improving the animal well-being and work satisfaction.

Welcome to Oxilia!