Refreshed website: Oxilia gets a new look!

After months of hard work, the Oxilia Team very proudly unveils its brand new website! The platform is completely redesigned to host many new additional features and reflects the equally revamped ways in which Oxilia now operates. This article explores some of its key features.

Calendar: One of the main new features is undeniably the addition of the calendar. Gone are the days where the users had to enter a start date and an end date for their offers or availability in our previous website, it is now possible to select individual days from the calendar! This way, a veterinarian who has a flexible schedule or who is available on a day or two during the week can also easily share his actual availability. It is also possible for a veterinary clinic to perform such searches using the same calendar.

Search range: The range is now integrated into the algorithm deployed for searching candidates. Therefore, if a registered veterinary technician from Montreal makes herself available within a 100 km radius, her profile will be extended to all clinics within that radius. A veterinary clinic conducting a search for a candidate in Saint-Hyacinthe will, therefore, see the profile of the Montreal-based RVT. In a few days, the professionals too will be able to search for job offers similarly.

Instant messaging:  The Oxilia platform now allows discussion between veterinary professionals and institutions via a chat system available as soon as both parties have expressed their interests by clicking on the “discuss” button. This internal messaging system will allow users to agree on all terms and conditions related to the replacement or the prospective job.

Deletion of the deposit: New platform, new ways! You used to pay a certain amount of money to access the contact information of candidates or clinics, but this is now a thing of the past. The internal messaging system is now accessible without having to pay a penny.

Fluid and intuitive interface: The entire website has been redesigned to provide an intuitive and user-friendly environment. Users will now find it much easier to navigate the platform and understand the different steps of the process.

In addition, we are maintaining many other features that were already available, including :

  • Full billing and payment management;
  • The ability to hire professionals permanently;
  • The creation of employment/replacement contracts including a flexible cancellation policy that protects both parties.

In short, the deployment of this new website marks an important step for Oxilia! However, it is not an end in itself, as we will continue to refine and add new features in the weeks and months to come!

We wish you a pleasant experience using our new site!


The Oxilia team