RVT’s, don’t leave Vet Med! There are well paid opportunities!

I love animals and work in a veterinary clinic, but I just cannot afford it. To give so much to receive so little? Canadian Tire or Canada Post offers better terms and pay!”

It breaks the hearts of all these great animal health technicians and registered veterinary technicians (RVT’s) to leave us – and with reason – because they found better elsewhere. According to a Desjardins Group study, 60% of jobs posted in Quebec and Ontario, in all industries, require little or no training or experience, while offering an average salary of $16.65 per hour. We quickly understand how other industries manage to recruit the RVT’s.

You are an RVT and you consider leaving the profession for another job? Hold on! Read this before making your decision. 

RVT’s are highly trained while being versatile and focused on customer service, not to mention their passion for animals. They are prized not only by veterinary practices, but also by the industry-companies that provide services to them. For the past decade, more and more companies have wanted to sell their services in our fast-growing field. Positions for RVT’s who then become representatives, responsible for training or management are better paid and allow a better work-family balance. Here are some posts :

Pharmaceutical, food, service or veterinary software companies

At the last VMX Veterinary Congress in Florida, which brought together more than 18,000 animal health professionals, it was a shock to see the number of new players in our profession: software, applications, diagnostic tests, alternative treatments, and so on. Many are now recruiting for RVT’s as sales representatives. How to find them? Talk to your favorite representatives, they are often aware. Also put alerts on job aggregator sites like Indeed.com for the word “RVT, AHT and Vet tech”. You can also go there with specific words like Zoetis, Royal Canin, Idexx, Vetoquinol, Merck, etc.

Veterinary groups

There are more and more of them in Quebec: VetStrategy, VCA, Passionimo, Uni-Vet, Essor-Vet, etc. and have more sophisticated structures to create human resources management & recruitment positions, operations, customer services, social media, inventory management and purchasing. You will have the chance to climb the ladder and develop your skills while increasing your salary.

Mobile or home service

More and more veterinarians or veterinary specialists offer their services at home or in general practice respectively. They need RVT’s to be productive and to provide patient restraint. Follow them on Facebook, they will probably have positions to fill or an expansion of their services.

Be your own boss by determining your schedule and your hourly rate!

The simplest and most popular solution: to make technical replacement in a veterinary clinic. It’s not just for veterinarians! The OXILIA platform allows you to determine your hourly rate and offer your availabilities. The platform is intuitive and our support team is there to guide you. Contracts and payments are managed by us, so you have the best of both worlds. Afraid not to find something? The shortage of RVT’s is such that practices are snapping up the RVT’s who opt for status. Hourly rates are higher and you choose to work weekends or not.

Average hourly rate in Quebec : $ 22.40

Alberta : $ 27.60

Ontario : $ 23.50

RVT’s are the pillars of veterinary clinics.

Every time we lose one, the whole structure is affected. You are talented and capable of miracles in the veterinary team! Stay in the profession that has long been hard on you, but things are changing for the better! Both animals and veterinarians are happiest by your side!

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