When a candidate finally materializes, don’t lose them!

The veterinary medicine job market has never been more tipped in favour of the workers. Offers line the bulletin boards, the employees have a choice and must be “seduced”. Under these circumstances, many owner-veterinarians are stressed that they cannot be found quickly and efficiently. How can you maximize your recruitment and what do you do when a candidate shows up to become a member of your team?


Reduce administrative procedures.

Do you really need a CV and a letter of intent? Are you sure you want to take a personality test before the interview? Be aware that any request from you that slows the process opens the door for another employer to make an offer faster.


Act quickly.

A candidate can receive several offers at the same time and be contacted during the selection process. The watchword: proactivity. If they cannot appear for a face-to-face interview or if they are travelling, offer to interview them by FaceTime or Zoom. Be available and use easily accessible means of communication such as texting or Messenger rather than email.


Ask the candidate what interests them.

Previously, a manager interviewed a candidate. Now, the table has turned: the candidate is interviewing you. Encourage them to tell you about their needs for a successful integration, how they see their development, etc.


Make your best offer from the start.

As you know, our profession consists mainly of women. Many have admitted that they dislike negotiating over salary. If you don’t offer your best rate early on, the candidate may choose another, more generous employer.


With all this advice in hand, you greatly increase your chances of finding and attracting the desired candidates. Oxilia allows you to fulfill your short- and long-term staffing needs, and even convert a replacement into an employee, if both parties wish.