Three Locum Success Stories

Which profile could be yours?

Oxilia is an animal health professionals’ community where the human resource needs of businesses are met by linking to qualified individuals willing to discover new opportunities.

The beauty of Oxilia is that it caters to all types of locums; in fact, our locums rarely have the same profile with each bringing his or her own diverse goals, professional training, experiences, interests, and backgrounds with them.

Three different Oxilia success stories:

Louise, a full-time veterinary locum.  Louise is a 52-year-old veterinarian with years of professional experience. Her kids are grown and she now has plenty of free time. Louise appreciates the process of booking her schedule on Oxilia, and finds that this communication tool saves her time and the hassle of emailing back and forth to make arranges for scheduling.

Spending her time between 2-3 veterinary clinics in her region allows Louise to fill her free time. She feels appreciated at these clinics and brings with her a wealth of valuable experience. Louise has also realized that her locum experience provides her with the opportunity to mentor young veterinarians, helping them develop their skills along the way. The ability to have a flexible schedule and earn a high income also allowed her to work on her pet project: improving access for low-income families to her community garden.


Jessica, a part-time animal health technician locum. Jessica is a 32-years-old registered animal health technician (AHT) who enjoys new challenges. However, she also needs some stability in order to maintain a consistent routine for her 6-year-old daughter.

Currently, Jessica works a full-time position at a nearby vet clinic and is able to organize her shifts into two 12-hour-days. The flexibility in her schedule allows her to dedicate one day each week and a weekend here and there for locum work.  Through this process, Jessica has learned tremendously from the professionals at each location and has been able to bring her new skills and knowledge back to her full-time job at the vet clinic.

The extra income earned as a locum has also provided Jessica with the opportunity to realize her dream of taking her daughter to Disney! Jessica admits she doesn’t like discussing salary, but Oxilia allows her to set her fees and find contracts without the painful steps involved with finding part-time work. Moreover, she finds Oxilia super easy to navigate!


Stephen, an occasional veterinary locum. Stephen is 28 years old and an avid mountain biker. For as long as he can remember, Stephen’s dream has been to live away from the city and near a national park. However, like many of us, love keeps him in an urban area!

Fortunately, Stephen has found a compromise that works for him!  Using Oxilia, he has found consistent and rewarding locum contracts, usually lasting 2 to 3 weeks at a time, and always in a region where he can work hard and play even harder!

Stephen’s stay is organized around the veterinary business owner, who is planning to take vacations.  With this arrangement, Stephen enjoys all the perks of being paid for a job he loves, relishes the opportunity of mountain biking in the most beautiful settings in the country, and most importantly, is able to balance his professional and personal lives.

Which Scenario Best Describes You?

Just like the locum success stories above, each locum that has a profile on Oxilia, has a different need, a different dream, their own skill set, and a unique approach to earning a living.

With Oxilia, you don’t have to work full-time or even every week – or month, for that matter. You are not limited to working with just one clinic or even the same clinics in one area. Oxilia matches you with quality, professional opportunities in work locations across Canada and in the U.S.

Oxilia provides you with an easy to use platform with support at every step in the process. We also provide additional resources to help you write the perfect resume, craft sample job ads, learn tips for managing your finances, and strategies for breathing new life into your career.

Once you post your information on the site, you are one step closer to finding the perfect match with help from Oxilia.

Why Oxilia?

There are many reasons so many veterinary professionals are looking to Oxilia as their source of locum employment.

– All job seekers create profiles that are unique to each professional

– Flexibility to choose your work schedule

– You set your own fees and negotiate contracts directly with the clinic owners

– Receive daily updates of new job postings, sent directly to your email

– Employers are looking for all levels of help in clinics, retail stores, outside sales, and more

– Opportunity to travel to areas that you love or would like to discover

You have the freedom to earn an extra income, find your dream job, create a schedule that works for you, or advance your career. This, combined with the ability to travel around the country, provides you with the solution you’ve been looking for.

What are you waiting for? You are just one click away from finding your ideal position with Oxilia.

You do not know how to determine your hourly rate? Look at our statistical analysis of hourly rates of our members, by province and by profile (veterinarian versus TSA).